Madrid is a city that oozes tradition in every one of its cobblestones. Among its streets, you will find traditional shops where you can buy objects with unique designs, made to perfection and with care for tradition.

Some of these century-old shops can be found in the central streets of Arenal, Carretas, Mayor, Carmen and Preciados.

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We suggest you explore the shops and shop windows full of tradition, while strolling through the streets and listening to the recommendations of the artisans and the locals. Some of the essential shops are Casa Diego, where you will find fans, walking sticks, shawls and other handcrafted objects, Casa Yustas, La Favorita, which offers headdresses and hats, among other unique objects, or Capas Seseña or Guitarras Ramírez, where you can buy a handcrafted Spanish guitar.


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