Flea market and other markets

Market culture is one of the pillars on which Madrid’s soul rests. Visiting them is almost a ritual of life and becomes something much more than the act of shopping. It is a time to connect with the way of life of the locals and with the history of the Community of Madrid.

One of the best known is El Rastro, whose origins date back to the Middle Ages, but which continues to be erected around the Plaza de Cascorro every Sunday. Here you will find antiques, furniture, vinyl records, handicrafts and all kinds of unique pieces. You will also find treasures such as the Galerías Piquer or the Galerías Nuevas, groupings of antique shops within the Rastro, which shine with their high-end antiques, collectibles and design shops.

Other markets that will help you understand why one never quite leaves Madrid include the one known as the Mercado de Motores, which is held on the second Sunday of every month. The wonderful Barrio de las Letras also hosts the Mercado de las Ranas, the first Saturday of every month. These are just a few, discover them all!


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